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How to choose the material of precision stamping parts in stamping parts factory?

by:Fortuna     2021-04-18
Metal stamping parts are widely used metal processing products, which are very common in the automotive, medical, electronic and other industries. The material of stamping parts is very important to stamping processing plants, because different customers have different product functional requirements, and materials need to be selected according to customer needs. Focusing on precision stamping parts for 15 years, we have accumulated rich experience in custom processing of stamping parts. Next, Precision will introduce to you how to choose the materials of precision stamping parts in the stamping parts factory. 1. Requirements for use: 1) The use environment of metal stamping parts. Specifically, it depends on the environment in which the metal stamping parts are used, and the specific requirements for strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. 2) Requirements for the size and quality of metal stamping parts. Most stamping parts need to be used with other parts, which depends on the dimensional accuracy requirements of the stamping parts when matching. 3) The importance of metal stamping parts. For assembled finished products, the degree of influence of metal stamping parts on the entire finished product. 2. Process requirements: 1) stamping processing; 2) heat treatment; 3) surface treatment. 3. Economic requirements: 1) Material cost; 2) Processing batch size and processing cost; 3) Material utilization rate. For questions related to the selection of materials for precision stamping parts in the stamping parts factory, please contact the hotline: stamping parts factory, from the quality inspection of raw materials for stamping parts, to the design, processing, and assembly of the mold, to the first part of the product, and mass production , Are one-to-one customized services, to ensure that every small metal stamping part matches your product, to correctly grasp the processing points of shrapnel, to ensure product quality, 15 years of metal stamping experience, a processing team of more than 20 people, samples can be produced in 2 days, 3 Ships in days. Can save your product listing time. Dongguan Precision, your safe choice.
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