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How to choose the processing materials of stamping parts?


In order to obtain better quality stamping products, stamping parts processing plants need to pay attention to the selection of stamping materials. It is not easy to choose the processing material of stamping parts, there are many mysteries here. DG Fortuna has more than ten years of experience in stamping custom processing and summarizes some points that need attention in the selection of stamping materials for your reference.

Precision stamping parts

1. The hardness of the material

This is a very important step when selecting materials for stamping processing, and it is also a very critical measurement element. In terms of hardness measurement, we can use Barcol hardness tester or Rockwell hardness tester to test materials.

2. The forming performance of the material

When selecting stamping materials, it is necessary to carefully understand the forming performance of the material, which has a very important impact on the quality of stamping products. When selecting, we can test the properties of the material such as bending and cupping and select a molding material with good performance.

There is a very close relationship between the selection of stamping materials and the quality of the finished stamping parts. The quality of the material will also directly affect the performance and quality of the product. Therefore, we suggest that you should consider all aspects reasonably when selecting materials, not only to meet the performance of stamping parts but also to meet the principles of gluing process performance and economy.

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