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How to choose the tools of CNC lathes to process products?

How to choose the tools of CNC lathes to process products?


How to choose the tools of the CNC lathe to process products? Lets take a brief look, because CNC lathe processing is a high-precision operation, and its processing procedures are adjusted and the number of parts clamping is small, so the CNC tools used are proposed In order to meet higher requirements, I will introduce to you at the bottom. When selecting tools for CNC machine tools, the following issues should be discussed:

  ① The category, standard and accuracy of CNC tools should be able to meet the requirements of CNC lathe processing.

  ②High precision. In order to meet the high precision and active tool change requirements of CNC lathe processing, the tool must have high precision.

  ③High reliability. To ensure that sudden tool damage and potential defects will not occur in CNC machining, which will affect the smooth progress of machining, it is required that the tool and the accessories combined with it must have good reliability and strong suitability. Meticulous hardware processing

  ④High durability. The tools processed by CNC lathes, whether in roughing or finishing, should have higher durability than those used in ordinary machine tools, so as to reduce the number of exchanges or grinding tools and tool setting, thereby increasing the number of CNC machine tools. Processing efficiency and ensuring processing quality.

Good chip breaking and chip removal functions. In cnc lathe processing, chip breaking and chip removal are not handled manually like ordinary machine tools. Chips are easy to wrap around the tool and workpiece, which will damage the tool and scratch the processed surface of the workpiece, and even hurt people and equipment. , Which affects the processing quality and the safe work of the machine tool, so the tool is required to have better chip breaking and chip removal functions.

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