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How to control the precision stamping die jump waste, what are the reasons?

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
Today for all the authors and the precision stamping 'jump to prevent waste'. Fruit is never without cause, why we begin by analyzing the precision stamping parts frequently jump waste? Our analysis may be the reason is: 1, in precision stamping products vacuum between a male and waste, waste to blunt male when it rises die-face 2, because the cause of the stamping oil, waste glue is made in the male face to die surface 3, waste materials and die wall friction is not enough to overcome the influence of male and make waste out of the concave die that when we want to jump to prevent waste? 1, the material thickness of the elastic material and aluminium blanking 2, customer special requirements, as far as possible to foreign clients jump waste prevention device we can adopt the following several ways to control the precision stamping jump waste: a, fillet snip (1) blanking order: waste activities during the die hole, waste because of the impact of inertia and the role of stamping oil waste, it is easy to jump to mold surface, first blunt blade 1 blade 2 again, little waste in the concave die is to be able to free activities, it is easy to waste, so on the trimming order should first blunt blade to blade 1 and 2 in answering the blade to a technology gap edge 1, then slice blade 2, if the cutting sequence is opposite process mouth part small waste easily with big waste separation, resulting in waste, continuous die in the final cutting waste of time, because of the waste is usually in the form of free activities, so we can add light shell fragments on the knife edge dovetail, waste is stuck in case to die, for large thick material can directly use the thimble; Second, the impact and 1, add the jump waste thimble 2, cannot add thimble? Round blunt cant male in end surface grinding or bumps, don't draw the design drawing, the test according to the actual situation processing, the rules of narrow long blunt and general in blunt and end face grinding R convex, W R and end with a certain plane, surface must be clear H = T, on 3, on the porosity, use compressed air to blow waste, fine pores available hole edm 3, die 1. Use jump waste, concave die, its principle is in die blade wall has 23 line the chute, using material extrusion deformation increase die wall friction, in order to prevent waste, hole shape general rules for round, square, etc. , need to outsourcing order 2. For thick slices, production waste, dancing in the die cut pour R, R = 0. 02 - 0. 05 3. Die can be processed into inverted cone, Using optical grinding processing) In order to increase the material deformation, prevent waste to die. Four, in addition to the above method, also can increase the rushed into the length of the die, or the next mold and vacuum pump waste' Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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