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How to cut metal stamping parts?


In stamping processing, shearing is a process that is often used. For metal stamping plants, the reasonable choice of shearing equipment is very important. The size and precision of the stamped parts to be cut vary according to customer requirements and cutting equipment. Next, the editor of Yiwei Precision will introduce you to the different ways of cutting stamping parts.


There are various cutting methods, including: 1. Hand shears and such as shears 2. Shearing on vibration shears 3. Shearing on discs 4. Shearing on gantry shears

It is suitable for metal stamping parts with a thickness of less than 1 mm, and the cutting of metal stamping parts or the processing of semi-finished products is hand-cut and such as scissors;

It is suitable for metal stamping parts with a thickness of 2mm or a parallel line or a curve diagram. It is a vibrating shear; its cutting edge is close to the fixed lower cutting edge and moves quickly and repeatedly, and the reciprocating frequency can reach 1200-2000 per minute. Second-rate;

Cut on a disc; the scissors are all disc-shaped, and the left and right disc knives rotate at the same speed and relative orientation under shearing conditions. The sheared stamping die sheet enters the cutter head by the sliding friction between the upper body of the raw material and the cutter head for shearing;

There are two types of shearing on the gantry shearing machine: the flat-blade shears and the oblique-blade shears. The left and right edges of the flat-blade shears are parallel, and the metal stamping parts are additionally sheared on the entire total width during work. The verticality of the cut blank is better, and its shearing force is relatively large, which is generally used for shearing thin sheets; for shearing on an oblique-blade shearing machine, the left and right edges are crossed to form a certain angle of view. Compared with the flat-blade shears, the shearing force is not large, and it is more stable during operation, but because of the working pressure of the left and right shearing blades, the sheared embryos will be bent down during the entire shearing process and squeezed from the wound. Open and cause distortion, especially when cutting thick and narrow strips, the distortion is very serious.

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