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How to design custom stamping parts-hardware

by:Fortuna     2021-03-29
Each product has different products, different types, different uses, and different structures. The required stamping parts are different in material, thickness, size, shape, etc., so it is necessary to customize the stamping parts used. Custom stamping parts are produced according to their own products, choosing the right material and opening the mold in the right shape. And how are custom stamping parts generally designed? 1. To customize stamping parts, firstly select the material, size, and shape according to the characteristics of the product to meet the expected performance of the product. 2. In the design of customized stamping parts, the designer should analyze the utilization rate of raw materials according to the product structure to reduce or avoid waste. 3. The designer should combine customized stamping parts and rationally design the mold, so that the mold is exquisite and simplified, and the production is stable and efficient. 4. Control the quality of the products in actual production accuracy and ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the material. 5. Comprehensive consideration of all details, so that the customized mold is reasonable in design, convenient in processing, qualified in assembly, practical in production, and guaranteed in quality. Hardware, 15 years of craftsmanship focusing on customized stamping parts, 5000 square meters production workshop, hundreds of processing and production equipment, more than 20 R u0026 D design engineers. Solve your time, precision and quality of customized stamping parts. Choose, choose to rest assured!
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