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How to design metal stamping parts?


How to design metal stamping parts?

Metal stamping parts are a kind of metal product that is widely used, especially punched parts and stretched parts. Generally speaking, the structural design and precision of stamping parts are very important, and a small error will cause huge hidden dangers in use. Stamping parts processing manufacturers must comprehensively consider stamping equipment, mold accuracy, and production costs when designing. Next, Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. will introduce you to how to design precision stamping parts:

1. When we design stamping parts, the shape must be simple and not complicated. If the shape of the stamping part is very complicated, we can split it into several small parts for separate processing, which can greatly reduce the Difficulty of production;

2. The structural design of stamping parts is very important. We design products through molds. The structure of the mold determines the structure of the stamping parts. Therefore, we must ensure the rationality of the structure and reduce the occurrence of waste.

3. In order to ensure production efficiency, in the process of producing stamping parts, we should minimize the processing steps and try to simplify the production process, so as to ensure good production efficiency.

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