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How to detect the hardness of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
How to detect the hardness of metal stamping parts? Is the main material of metal stamping mold steel ( Including tool steel and high speed steel) , sometimes use carbide stamping die usually require of high hardness and wear resistance, heat treatment is necessary. In order to get high surface hardness and wear resistance, many stamping die and stamping die accessories to surface heat treatment, such as surface nitriding. For such mould people are very concerned about its surface hardness and depth of hardening layer. In the test after heat treatment of stamping die steel hardness on the surface, there is a mistake to correct. This is improperly use measuring hardness tester in this situation. This is determined by the principle of leeb hardness tester. Cloth, rockwell, vickers three kinds of commonly used hardness tester are adopting the principle of static testing, is a hard head, slow pressure into the surface of the sample, and then test indentation depth or size, determine the size of the hardness value. The leeb hardness tester adopts is a principle of dynamic testing. It is to a specified quality of the surface of the sphere with regulation speed impact sample and test it at the beginning of the difference between the speed and rebound, in order to determine the hardness value of the sample. To understand this, just look at the leeb hardness tester how thick is the standard hardness block. Obviously it measured the hardness value is neither a nitride layer hardness, nor the hardness of base material, but the result of the combination, due to the stamping surface layer thickness is different, is bound to get different results. A: metal stamping parts manufacturing process
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