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How to detect the quality of metal stamping parts, in which aspects?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The metal stamping parts produced by the stamping parts processing plant must be inspected after processing and production. Only after the inspection is qualified can the metal stamping parts be packed and shipped; the detection of metal stamping parts mainly comes from several aspects. Let's take a look at it below; , The appearance inspection of metal stamping parts mainly includes; 1, burr, 2, wrinkle 3, napping, 4, impact line, 5, mold crush (indentation), 6, pit 7, rust 8, pitting 9, Crack 10, punching collapse, 11, smoothness of rounded corners, 12, thickness, 13, corrugation 2. Geometrical size detection of metal stamping parts; 1. Geometrical size detection of metal stamping parts: it means that the stamping parts are carried out on the inspection tool For geometric measurement, conventional tools are used for parts without inspection tools, such as vernier calipers, steel rulers, box rulers, angle meters, etc.; 2. Inspection methods for metal stamping parts with inspection tools: in a natural state, use main and auxiliary positioning pins to move the parts After the complete positioning, record whether the part is in close contact with the reference surface, and record the measurement gap value directly with the S surface in the inspection record table. There is no special stipulation that the timing reference is '0', but one of the 4 cutting points on the reference surface The gap of 0.2mm is allowed for the points, and the tolerance of the reference hole is managed according to the requirements of the inspection reference book; according to the requirements of the monitoring point position of the inspection reference book, the data collected after the measurement is recorded in the inspection result table, and the inspection hole/bolt/ The nut position and other parts that cannot be measured in the clamped state of the inspection tool should be measured and confirmed after opening the clamping arm of the interference part; article recommendation: What should the stamping parts processing manufacturer pay attention to when designing the automobile cover mold? Previous post: What should stamping parts processing manufacturers pay attention to when designing automobile cover molds?
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