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How to determine the stainless steel tower buckle the quality

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Start from the surface treatment of products: good plate to the product surface is very smooth, and electroplating is very smooth. Plate made of poor product is even plating layers is bumpy, because electroplating won't fill the product surface defects. Some will also have small air bubbles or yellow and so on. These are all defective goods. Begin from the edge of the product and internal: good product produced will be treated with burr, such products won't scratch hand or ugly; It is a good mould used for a long time to product will have burrs so be processed; Product came out with poor assembly forming directly without surface treatment, so that you can save a part of the cost, would be to use hand or is hard to open, this call to cut corners. From product material thickness: often people see is the good product material thickness, with a long, thin, cheap products with poor, not take long before it is broken. Similarly buckles, too, good product material thickness, the force is strong, usage is much, long service life. Products with poor thin material force is weak, the distortion is easy to damage, use fewer and shorter. From all parts assembly technology products: products of good and bad, life is long and short, assembly technology and assemble the parts. A good product assembled various activities is quite flexible, rivet and spring are made according to the size of the product standard. Products assembled with poor or too tight or too loose, clearance is too large, swung up and down, rivet and spring is also mark, these are all can make the product quality and service life. Begin from internal quality: good product don't need to spend in fancy external packaging, good-looking not durable packing is the common use of the many manufacturers to deceive consumers, stand the test of time is the real good product. A: stamping parts bad reasons and countermeasures
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