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How to ensure quality of stamping parts processing part

by:Fortuna     2020-04-30
Due to the design of the stamping parts processing, must conform to the requirements of the application of products and technology, and must be informally assembly and repair, and then to improve the use of metal material, increase the types of materials and specifications, reduce material consumption allowed under the condition of the low cost material, can make no waste and waste parts. Time, then, the shape of the grid design must be complex, the structure must be reasonable, which is beneficial to simplify mould structure, simplify the process, or at least use stamping parts processing complex complete all parts processing, stamping parts processing, organized mechanization and automation operation consumption, improve the consumption rate of resting, under the guarantee of normal application, minimize the levelness of the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness. Due to various stamping parts processing parts processing is complex, with complex shape, when printing cost, it will often have some bad scene, how to prevent the occurrence of the results, formed the tray instrument circuit control in advance and the interruption of utilities or part of the disconnect, double support must be able to withstand distortion load and torsional impact, so you need to have enough resistance to bending resistance and better resistance, if parts more than allow the voltage in the process of formation, micro cracks may swell to a certain degree, thus forming tearing or tilt, so not only need the data, and the die mold on eccentric load also lead to slow down. Cab consumption car in the dashboard components, manufacturers will find that after the consumption of seals, central left and right side of the shield support often shows reverse tilt, the stamping processing defects, mainly distributed in the lateral wall of the corner of the workpiece hole, after careful analysis, the secondary reason is that the formation of the substrate orientation in the process of mould operation will not fluctuate, mold adjustment and mold design is not correct, would like to ask you for technical method and the government's response, and for the design of the mould and the forming of similar parts processing to provide the reference. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, brazing processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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