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How To Ensure The Stability Of Precision Stamping Products


In the metal sheet stamping molding, especially in the process of mass production, there are often some adverse phenomena, the quality of most of the precision stamping products is no problem, occasionally, random appearance of some bad products, this is related to the stability of the

 product. How to ensure the stability of precision stamping products is very important to stamping manufacturers, not only to save costs, improve production efficiency is also the embodiment of the strength of the factory.

When receiving the customer's formal mold drawing, it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the customer's drawing for mass production. In the early stage of mold opening,

 it is necessary to review the hidden dangers and parts that can not be done in mass production with customers, andmake a briefing. The analysis mainly includes the following aspects:

1. product tolerance, tolerance definition is reasonable;

2.whether the product process is reasonable;

3.the direction of the rough edge, the direction of stamping or whether there is a area of the rough edge;

4. measurement, benchmark, unmeasurable parts need to be proposed;

5.material requirements, post-process plating and other rationality;

6.whether the product structure can not be made or has the risk of production.

The process of ensuring quality stability of precision stamping parts is a meticulous process that requires the collection of a large amount of data, which needs to be closely focused on the detection points required by the product and combined with the actual situation to make accurate

 judgments, the use of suitable measuring tools, and timely process adjustments to meet the requirements of high quality.

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