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How to extend lead frame type warranty?
If you would like to extend the warranty period of lead frame , please consult our Customer Service Department for details. The extended warranty period is the warranty coverage that is initiated after the typical warranty period has expired. It is important to note that you can choose to purchase this warranty before the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd. provides high quality metal stamping china and services. The automotive metal stamping series is widely praised by customers. The manufacture of Fortunalead frames follows some basic steps to some extent. These steps are CAD design, drawing confirmation, raw materials selection, materials cutting, drilling, shaping, and painting. It can also be passivated, anodized, and degreased to meet the needs of different technical parameters. This product helps reduce energy bills. Using such an appliance will definitely cut the spending at home, workplace, or industries. It has received wide recognition in the markets of Japan, the United States, and Germany.

Fortuna is successful through continuous efforts to provide greater value to customers. Inquiry!
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