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How to identify calculate the unit price of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Calculate the cost of raw materials needed for the 1. In accordance with the metal stamping parts of the drawings of the materials needed to calculate the gross weight, press the two kinds of material is generally for the square rectangle, gross weight = volume density G = V * * D2. The cost of the gross weight: MAO cost = gross price * materials ( Yuan/KG) 3. Raw material cost = gross cost - According to the shape of the metal stamping parts determine the technological process of manufacturing cost 1 determine process steps. 2. The cost of each working procedure, required of the machine ( Under such as 60 punch 25 yuan per hour) / per hour production of metal stamping parts, Such as manufacturing, 800 pieces per hour, so the procedure of the manufacture cost is 25 yuan / 800 = 0. 31 yuan) 3. The cost of the polishing, electroplating, in accordance with the metal stamping parts of the complexity of the surface area and shape of cost is given based on past experience. Packing: according to the size of the parts and ask for fees (surface The paper is in commonly 0. 02 - 0. 15) Management fee: general for part 2 - the unit price 4%. Defective rate loss in 2% The manufacturer's profit cost: for about 15% of unit price
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