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How to improve the continuous die life is stamping factory

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping plant to reduce a continuous mold manufacturing costs, will use some ways to improve the service life of mould. So continuous die stamping factory is to use what method to improve the life of the? Improve the punch grinding number, number of stamping factory in order to ascend convex mold to grinding and convenient handling, will be continuous in the light of the new type of convex mold high-speed punch press fixed method. Fixed punch don't take with fixed bed, with a small pressure plate fixation. A blade is the punch groove grinding down the same amount of sharpening, punch as thickness of cushion under GangDian slices. This method can improve the punch can grinding and convenient disassembly. Increase of small convex die service life, for that kind of diameter equal to or less than the material thickness of small convex die, will be put on the protection of, and leakage of small convex die gap value on the targeted on the structure of the transformation, the two sides gap value increased from eight percent to ten percent between four to fifteen percent, will change the shape of the die insert, the height of the edge part set ChengLiao thickness between 2 to two point five times, conical surface roughness for Ral. 6. Precision stamping the reform is to improve life of the continuous mold, further improve the production speed and economic benefits.
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