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How to improve the flatness of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In the process of punching stamping parts, due to the influence of certain factors, the material of stamping parts will be bent and compressed. So how to improve the flatness of stamping parts? Let's look at it below; due to the internal stress of the sheet material itself, the metal stamping parts will be elastically deformed during punching. The material near the cutting edge will first bend the inner sheet of the cutting edge and the outer sheet of the cutting edge will bend upward. The phenomenon of arching, and what is worse is that this kind of elastic arch can not be fully recovered, which leads to poor flatness of the stamping part; when the stamping part is blanked, the blanking force is not applied, and the phenomenon of elastic bending occurs during the blanking process. Not only at the edge of the blanking piece, but also at the periphery of the punched hole. Therefore, we need to use other processes and also configure other mold structures; if sufficient elastic pressing force is applied to the upper and lower parts of the sheet when the stamping part is punched, the elastic bending of the sheet will be greatly inhibited, and the general punching The cutting die uses an elastic discharge plate to hold the material, but only for some stamping parts that do not require high flatness, because its effect is very small; if some customers have requirements for the flatness of the stamping parts, we Molds with elastic support blocks can be used to improve the surface flatness of stamping parts; Recommended article: The difference between hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing of metal stamping parts Previous: Common problems in the processing of stainless steel stamping parts
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