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How to improve the punching structure of metal stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Metal stamping dies are the basis of stamping processing in stamping factories, and the quality of stamping dies determines the quality of stamping parts. Today we mainly want to analyze the improvement of the punching structure of the stamping die. Precision-12 years dedicated to the customized processing services of precision stamping parts, providing metal stamping and drawing solutions for customers in different industries. Next, we will give you an analysis of how to improve the punching structure of the stamping die. The punching and inserting structure of traditional precision metal stamping dies mainly adopts direct processing, or directly punches corresponding small holes on the template. In the process of improving and optimizing its stamping structure, it is mainly embedded in the original template. The main reason for the deep processing of the punching structure is that the mold production process of the traditional processing structure is laborious, and the entire mold needs to be disassembled, which not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also wastes a lot of mold resources. If there is a problem, a lot of maintenance costs will be incurred. The adoption of a new punching structure can improve the overall structure model, effectively avoid the problem of blade wear during the punching process, realize mass production and replacement, and improve the overall equipment operation effect. After improving the stamping structure of the precision metal stamping die, it is necessary to convert the original embedded structure to a two-piece structure, that is, to adjust the structure of the stamping edge to a T-shaped circular structure to ensure higher application value of the overall equipment. After the improvement, the replacement device only needs to disassemble and install the small hole insert structure, which not only saves time, but also the small hole cutting edge replacement operation is more convenient. In addition, in the application process of the T-shaped circular structure of the precision metal stamping die punching structure, the processing operation also saves time and energy, only the small hole inserts need to be disassembled, and the processing time can be shortened. The T-shaped structure of the new structure can be made into standard parts and can be mass-produced in the spare parts library for emergency situations. In short, compared with the old structure, the T-shaped circular structure of the new structure saves more overall materials and saves costs. [Related recommendation] Learn more: Precautions for designing continuous stamping die (2) Learn more: 6 precautions for designing continuous stamping die Learn more: Analysis of the causes of stamping die burst
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