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How to improve the stability of stamping die?


Now that the proportion of mold manufacturing costs is getting higher and higher, how to effectively control or reduce mold costs? It is particularly important to improve the stability of the mold. Being able to do a successful mold trial has a special competitive advantage and is quite difficult. The goal set by the Dongguan Fortuna team for itself is a successful mold trial, which is inseparable from the accumulation of a large amount of data in the early stage, a strict and standard design process, and a team with the same core values.

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Let's take a look at the main factors that affect the stability of mold and stamping: the use of mold materials; the strength requirements of mold structural parts; the stability of stamping material properties; the fluctuation characteristics of material thickness; the range of material changes; stretching The size of the rib resistance; the variation range of the blank holder force; the choice of lubricant.

So if we solve the problem of mold stability, our company implements 6S on-site management, TPM equipment management and has passed the IATF16949 quality system certification, and has a very good quality management system. It is recommended to strictly check the following aspects:

①In the process formulation stage, by analyzing the product, we can predict the possible defects of the product in the manufacturing process, so as to formulate a stable manufacturing process plan:

② Implement the standardization of the production process and the standardization of the production process;

③ Establish a database, and continuously summarize and optimize it; with the help of CAE analysis software system, get a good solution

If the metal stamping parts processing factory ignores the stability of the mold, it will cause the problem of long mold development cycle and high manufacturing cost, which will seriously restrict the development pace of the enterprise.

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