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How to improve the stamping parts processing production automation?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts processing and the realization of automation has high productivity, cover an area of an area small, safe operation, short production cycle, less operators, stamping pieces of high quality, especially with the use of large-tonnage automatic multi-station press, compared with the traditional body press line, workshop area can reduce half, productivity can be increased by 50%, while improve the production efficiency, and improve the surface quality of the stampings, reduces the worker labor intensity; From what respect to improve stamping parts processing and automation? Look at the below; 1, stamping parts processing factory to introduce new automated processing equipment, application of nc punching equipment, stamping flexible manufacturing system, multi-station high-speed automatic punching machine, robot or manipulator feeding pick-up, mechanization and automation of stamping production line, etc. ; 2, the application of single wire automation, single wire configuration for 5 ~ 6 press, equipped with buttress, fluctuation manipulator; Through rotating equipment and stacking device, high safety, stamping of good quality and production efficiency is as high as 6 ~ 9 times/min; 3, stamping parts processing can use large transfer press automation continuous stamping production. Large transfer press by open buttress machine, large press, workpiece transfer system, the production efficiency can be up to 16 to 25 times/min. 4, give full play to the equipment of production capacity, the pressure of the equipment, the force that press a material travel times, the utilization of the workbench area, in order to improve the production efficiency, with the increase in and out of an automatic or semi-automatic auxiliary device, to improve the utilization rate of stroke number;
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