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How to improve the utilization rate of automotive stamping materials

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for automobiles is increasing, and the competition in the automobile market is becoming more and more fierce. At the same time, the resources for producing automobile stamping parts are also relatively tight. How to improve the utilization rate of metal stamping parts is not only It can reduce the manufacturing cost of automobiles and improve the competitiveness of the industry; for some special-shaped stamping parts, the layout of the blank sheet can be optimized in the mold during uncoiling and blanking to reduce waste; improve material utilization; To improve market competitiveness, auto factories will invest in new models every year, and new car parts require new specifications and materials of steel. For new specifications of steel, manufacturers must ensure its versatility and reduce the number of steel varieties to reduce material costs; in automobile stamping parts molds, when multiple stamping parts are produced at the same time, they can also use the waste at the hole of the large part to produce one Or multiple small parts to achieve the effect of improving material utilization; in the design of the metal stamping die, the left and right symmetrical parts are designed to be stamped together, and through process optimization, the two sheets are stamped out of two parts. To stamp out two parts for a sheet, reduce the area of u200bu200bprocess replenishment and improve material utilization; by adjusting the positioning of the blank sheet of stamping parts in the drawing die, the process replenishment of excess materials other than the drawing bead is reduced, thereby reducing The size of the blank sheet required by the part can improve the utilization rate of the material; there are many ways to improve the utilization rate of the material, and more methods need to be verified by practice. Changed to a wave knife, by changing the shape of the slab, shortening the length of the slab, thereby improving the material utilization rate. In short, the improvement of the material utilization rate is to reduce the complete cost of the vehicle. When making a plan to improve the material utilization rate, it needs to be combined with the model output , Consider the relationship between investment cost and income. Article recommendation: Stamping process regulations for metal stamping parts Previous: What are the general technical requirements for stamping parts by manufacturers?
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