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How to maintain the stamping die after the end of production?


Stamping dies are very important in the production of precision stamping parts. The shape and size of stamping parts are realized by stamping dies. For metal stamping factories, stamping dies need to be inspected and maintained after use, and if problems are found, they can be corrected in time to prevent production accidents. What are the specific steps for inspection and maintenance of stamping dies after use, let us look at them below.

Stamping parts processing

1. After using the stamping die, you need to remove the die from the punch according to the operating steps, and must not disassemble it randomly, so as not to damage the die.  

2. After the mold is disassembled, it needs to be wiped clean with a special cloth, and degreasing and preventing rust; 

3. The inspection and maintenance of the stamping die after use mainly include: cleaning the installation surface of the upper and lower templates, wiping the surface of the mold cavity, cleaning the waste in the mold cavity, oiling the guide slide and working surface, and checking whether the mold cavity surface is damaged. . Check whether the guide post and guide sleeve are loose, check whether the pressing material, the return structure, and the knife-edge are accurate and intact, check whether the fasteners are loose, fix the loose parts, check whether the visible parts are broken, etc.  

4. After all inspections are completed, the stamping die can be placed in the die frame with the permission of the production manager.

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