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How to obtain the dimensional accuracy of stamping parts in stamping processing orders

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The higher the degree of conformity between the actual geometric parameters (size, shape and position) of the stamped parts and the ideal geometric parameters specified in the drawings, the higher the processing accuracy. The author will introduce to you how to obtain the dimensional accuracy of stamping parts in stamping processing orders. 1. Trial cutting method First try to cut out a small part of the machined surface, measure the size obtained from the trial cutting, adjust the position of the cutting edge of the tool relative to the workpiece according to the processing requirements, and then try cutting and measuring, so after two or three trial cuttings and measurements , When the machined size meets the requirements, then cut the entire surface to be machined. The accuracy achieved by the trial-cut method may be very high and does not require complicated devices, but this method is time-consuming (requiring multiple adjustments, trial cuts, measurements, and calculations), low efficiency, and depends on the skill level of the workers and the accuracy of the measuring instruments. The quality is unstable, so it is only used for single-piece small batch production. 2. Size-fixing method The method of using the corresponding size of the tool to ensure the size of the processed part of the workpiece is called the size-fixing method. Use tools with certain dimensional accuracy (such as reamers, drills, etc.) to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts (such as holes) of the workpiece. The sizing method is easy to operate, has high productivity, and has relatively stable processing accuracy. It is basically independent of the technical level of the workers. It has high productivity and can be widely used in various types of production. 3. Adjustment method Adjust the accurate relative positions of the machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece with sample or standard parts in advance to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Because the size is adjusted in advance, there is no need to try cutting again during processing. The size is automatically obtained and remains unchanged during the processing of a batch of parts. The adjustment method has better processing accuracy and stability than the trial cutting method, and has higher productivity. It does not require high machine tool operators, but has high requirements for machine tool adjusters. It is often used in batch production and mass production. 4. Dynamic measurement method During the machining process, the machining dimensions are measured while machining, and after the measured results are compared with the dimensions required by the design, the machine tool may continue to work or the machine tool will stop working. The active measurement method adds the measurement device to the process system (that is, the unity of machine tools, tools, fixtures and workpieces) and becomes its fifth factor. [Related recommendation] Learn more: How to ensure the quality of stamping dies Learn more: How to obtain the position accuracy of stamping parts in a stamping processing order Learn more: How to obtain the shape accuracy of stamping parts in a stamping processing order
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