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How to place an order on Stamping parts?
If you would like to order Stamping parts, please contact our Customer Service. For your benefit, we will sign an agreement that clearly explains the solution. Each detail (regardless of the details may seem insignificant), such as delivery date, warranty terms, material specifications will be stated in a contract. For us, you and us all have a clear, mutually agreed contract is very important. We wish you a successful purchase in China!
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Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd. is professional in supplying high quality stamping parts. Fortuna's metal stamping is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Fortunaprecision metal stamping parts has to go through the life cycle assessment regarding its whole service life. The assessment includes its properties of chemical, physical, energy impacts. It has the advantages of high folding strength and high bending strength. This product is regarded as a leader in low electromagnetic emission. It does not tend to affect the normal operation of the peripheral electrical devices by causing a strong electromagnetic field. It has gained a wide reputation for good toughness.
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We continuously seek to improve our operating performance with an emphasis on health, safety, security, and environment, as well as adhering to our ethics and compliance principles. Get more info!

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