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How to plan the production of precision stamping parts?

How to plan the production of precision stamping parts?


In the production process of precision stamping parts, in order to carry out the production work in an orderly manner, ensure the quality of stamping parts, and reduce the product defect rate as much as possible, as a stamping parts manufacturer, it is necessary to plan the production work of precision stamping parts, then the specific How to plan, let us find out.

1. A strict inspection system should be established during production. The first/piece of precision stamping parts produced every day needs to be 100% inspected, and only after passing the inspection can they be put into production. At the same time, inspections should be strengthened. Accidents should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2. During the stamping process, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the mold cavity, and the workpieces after processing should be arranged in an orderly manner in the workplace.

3. Adhere to a civilized production system. For example, the transmission of precision stamping parts and accessories must use appropriate station equipment, otherwise it will crush and scratch the surface of the workpiece and affect the surface quality of the workpiece.

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