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How to prevent chip product jump

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Jump crumbs, refers to the precision hardware mold in high speed blanking, rushed into the die cutting edge within the scraps be punch out of the mold surface phenomenon. It exists to pick-up or terminal pressure bad, which affect products quality, shorten the die life, reduce the production efficiency, is the 'big fear of high-speed continuous cutting production. Form the main reason for the jump crumbs, precision hardware mold is in the process of high speed continuous cutting cutting oil, clearance is too large, the influence of such factors as formation between the punch and attle instantaneous partial vacuum, when the material is very thin, weight of slivers the blade to the sum of the friction force is less than punch and die on its adsorption capacity, in the process of punch up, scraps and adsorption on the surface of the punch, rise, forming a jump crumbs. There are many factors that can affect jump crumbs, too much when the blade wear punch, cutting oil consumption, the material is very thin and short punch into the cavity depth and so on, all can lead to jump. Prevention methods of jump chip blanking clearance, reduce precision hardware mold punch processing abnormity, edge processing job-hopping, vacuum blower, number of blade, reduce or change the cutting oil, etc. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional precision hardware mold design processing and precision stamping processing, to prevent the chip product jump this pressing problem has a unique experience of more than 30 years. Widely praised by customers. Welcome calls communication.
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