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How to prevent metal stamping parts are damaged?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
How to prevent metal stamping parts are damaged? 1, choose the model of hardware accessories, specifications and performance should be consistent with current standards and the relevant provisions of the state, and match the selection of window of model steel door. 2, push-pull window of width more than 1 meter, or installed double glass Windows and doors, should set up the double pulley, or scroll wheel selection. 3, friction hinge shall not adopt aluminum alloy material, stainless steel materials should be adopted. 4, with fastening screw mounting hardware, must with metal liner, liner thickness should be greater than fasteners teeth at least twice the distance. Shall not be tightened on the plastic material, also shall not use non-metal lining. 5, hardware accessories should be the final installation, door locks, handles, etc should be in window door leaf into the box after the assembly, guarantee the correct position, switch is quick. After 6, hardware installation should pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion. In daily use to light off light, prevent hard off the hard drive, damage. There is no noise, have now nylon wheel. It not only push and pull up and there is no noise, and more smooth, light, short service life than the above all kinds of pulley. To make ( The door) Window is normal. To give (running smoothly The door) Choose a high quality of pulley Windows. Inferior pulley on the surface, do manual work is coarser. There is no smooth. Sliding up and not flexible. Small and light. A: stamping three features
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