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How to realize the automated production of stamping parts?


The automatic production of stamping parts has the advantages of high production efficiency, short production cycle, saving labor costs, and high-quality stamping parts. The automated production of precision stamping parts not only improves the production efficiency but also improves the quality of the stamping parts and reduces the labor intensity of the workers. Now, many stamping processing manufacturers have gradually realized automated production, and have obtained huge benefits from it. So, what should we do to increase the degree of automation in the production of stamping parts? Dongguan Fortuna-Committed to precision stamping parts, metal embedded injection molded parts processing, and customization for nearly 20 years, production has been automated. Next, we will introduce some experiences to everyone.


1. Stamping manufacturers should introduce automated processing equipment, promote the application of CNC stamping equipment, stamping flexible processing systems, multi-station high-speed automatic stamping machines, robots or manipulators for feeding and reclaiming, mechanized and automated assembly, etc.;

2. The application of single-machine online automation. The single machine line configuration is 5 to 6 presses, equipped with unstacking, loading, and unloading manipulators; shuttle turning device and palletizing equipment, with good stamping quality, and the production efficiency can reach 6-9 times per minute;

3. The processing of stamping parts can be automated and continuous stamping production using large multi-station presses. The large multi-station press consists of a destacker, a large press, and a workpiece conveying system, and the production efficiency can reach 16-25 times/min;

4. Give full play to the production capacity of the equipment, the number of strokes of the equipment, the utilization rate of the pressure, and the workbench area to improve the production efficiency. Using automatic or semi-automatic auxiliary equipment, this equipment will increase the number of parts in and out, thereby increasing the utilization rate of the trip.

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