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How to reduce auto mould cost? The BMW customer is how to choose!

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
BMW DE is one of the three largest luxury brand, the brand was established in 1916, motor company headquartered in Munich, Germany. In the world auto industry increasingly competitive today, luxury car competition hots up even more. ABB as a luxury car array of performance in the homologous level models, mercedes-benz and audi have diving prices, BMW has launched three cars this year 7 models of 5% price cut back. Year-on-year, BMW in the quarterly sales report shows the held steady profits is not damaged. So BMW is how to do? It can be seen from the auto mould cost. Die of automobile new product development speed, and the speed means market preemption. Mould accounted for 20% of BMW's global sourcing share, BMW topped due to its remarkable quality requirements, technology, precision requirements for auto mould is very high, but the pressure of market competition, must be to find a way to shorten the delivery time, reduce cost, speed up new models listed. BMW has been expected to look for to shorten delivery, optimization of products, improve the machining accuracy of mould supplier. Under the opportunity, gree daikin mould depends on its 30 years of precipitation, imported automation equipment technology, the advantages of the whole process of quality control, and according to the world famous automobile manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and Honda, the experience of cooperation, well into the 2013 BMW mould supplier system. Cooperation over the past two years, gree daikin passed BMW strict delivery time and quality requirements, has more than 50 sets of mould, in collaboration with the BMW has been successfully put into production mold for more than 20 sets, no mold problems affect production, also met with the approval of the BMW customer, help BMW 3 models to shorten the delivery time, makes a contribution for the BMW to gain the market. 2015 cooperation will more intense, expects the cooperation mold quantity will be doubled.
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