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How to reduce the problem of surface roughness of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
When stamping parts manufacturers are processing and producing stamping parts, the surface of the stamping parts often appears rough, which greatly reduces the quality of the stamping parts, and the mold will also produce a lot of wear; how to improve the surface roughness of the stamping parts? Let's briefly talk about it below; the roughening of the surface of the stamping part is generally due to the local adhesion of the workpiece and the surface of the mold. We mainly change the nature of the friction between the mold and the processed part to make it difficult to adhere; 1. First, change the material of the stamping part. Increase the hardness of the mold; 2. Treat the surface of the stamping mold, such as hard chromium plating, PVD and TD, etc.; 3. Apply nano-coating to the mold cavity, such as RNT technology, etc.; 4. In the stamping mold and processed Add a layer of other substances between the parts to separate the processed parts from the mold, such as lubricating oil; 5. Use self-lubricating coated steel plates; Recommended articles; Causes and solutions for punch fracture and chipping in stamping parts processing ( One) Previous post: Does too much stamping oil affect the mold of metal stamping parts?
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