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How to remove burrs from stamping parts?

How to remove burrs from stamping parts?


The application of stamping parts is very extensive, involving all aspects of life. When stamping parts are processed by stamping factories, burrs of stamping parts are often found. So, how to remove the burrs of stamping parts? Next, the editor of Dongguan Fortuna will introduce to you how to remove the burrs of stamping parts.

How to remove burrs from stamping parts?

One: Use tools to remove the burrs of stamping parts

1. Hole: Use a chamfering knife or a drill with a large diameter.

2. Edge: use a file knife, a whetstone, and sandpaper.

3. Welding through: There are special tools for vibration removal and welding, which can also remove brittle burrs.

4. Diameter: During the production process, the lathe is used to guide the angle.

5. There are also grinding and polishing, grinding and sandblasting, depending on which product workpieces and commodity regulations.


Two: the process of removing burrs

1. Deburring with photoelectric catalysis. If you make your own machinery and equipment, the cost is not high and the efficiency is high.

2. Vibration grinding to remove burrs (transmission gear burrs), with high efficiency and good quality.

3. The heat treatment process can also deburr according to shot blasting, and can also remove the stress of the surface layer.

4. The actual effect of deburring with a hot air gun and various shapes of nozzles is better, and the efficiency is also high.

how to remove burrs from metal

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