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How to repair the stamping die? Stamping parts processing manufacturers need to know

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
To open a stamping processing plant, you need to understand a lot of technical processing knowledge. First, how are stamping dies made? How to repair the mold if it is broken? They are all things that need to be mastered by the manufacturer; the production of stamping dies, first talk about the cutting, and the material can be opened before the next step of processing. The cutting is rough processing. A template needs to be flattened by a planer first, and then passed through The grinder is used for rough grinding and rough machining, leaving a certain margin, and then heat treatment is required for heat treatment. After it comes out, when it is processed by a large grinder, the precision is required. For example, the thickness of the template is 25mm, then the precision must be required Within plus or minus 0.01mm; generally a difference of one or two does not matter much. After the grinder is processed, go to the threading hole, wire cutting, milling machine, CNC, etc.; making a set of stamping mold requires a lot of processing equipment, in general, That is, planers, lathes, drilling machines, grinders, etc., all of which need to be mastered by mold fitters. During the use of stamping molds, due to improper operation and other reasons, the mold will be damaged. Therefore, manufacturers also need to be proficient in mold repair technology. Knowledge, familiar with the working principles of various molds; what are the main things to repair molds? Take a look at the stamping parts processing manufacturer; repair it wherever it is broken, for example, if there is no stripping, it may be that the spring force is not enough, the design of the stripping parts is unreasonable, etc. At this time, it may be necessary to replace the spring, or increase the spring, or improve the stripping Structure, adding ejector pins, etc., then you need to use a drilling machine to drill or a milling machine to drill a countersunk head, and may also use welding, etc., then you need or operate an argon arc welding machine and a person who can burn argon arc welding , After burning, there may be grinding, milling, etc.; so the stamping mold fitter and mold repair personnel need to know the skills; 1. Familiar with the working principle of various molds; 2. Skilled in operating grinders, milling machines, drilling machines, and argon arc welding, and can observe The processed stamping parts do not meet the mold accuracy requirements; 3. Understand what electric discharge, wire cutting, CNC are, etc. After familiarizing with the working principles of these molds, basically all the problems that arise can be solved well; article Recommendation: The influence of fully automatic stamping technology in the processing of stamping parts Previous: What are the preparations before the design of the metal stamping process?
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