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How to select qualified stamping parts processing factory

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Actually stamping parts can be seen everywhere in our life, of all the steel, there are about sixty percent is made of plates, and many of these products are made after stamping. Such as: car body, radiator fin, container shell, motor, electric iron core silicon steel sheet, etc. Instrument, electrical appliances, utensils, and other products, also has a lot of stamping parts. Since stamping application so widely, its processing is everywhere. Real is the production of high efficiency, stamping, compound die, in a pressure machine, material can automatically generate the product, it is a multichannel stamping, so forming fast, rest time is long, the production cost is low, according to the test per hour production thousands, therefore, stamping parts processing by the likes of many plant. In per hour production of thousands of pieces of stamping parts, stamping finished in a short period of time, the product process, such as personal safety may also occur, the machine configuration and quality incident. Therefore, the safety operation in stamping is also a subject of attention. Choosing stamping parts processing factory, there are a few points need to pay special attention to. , the design of the stamping parts, it must be in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures of examination and approval of drawings, to conform to the related standards and industry; Second, the precision of the stamping parts, it is divided into precision level and economic level; Third, the requirement of stamping parts and mold technology, mould will according to the examination and approval of the drawings, so as to improve product quality, and increase the service life of the mold. Familiar with stamping parts processing requirement, can choose the stamping parts processing factory, to make good stamping parts, better applied to our life, make it play a better role.
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