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How to select the drawing oil in precision tensile stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-05
Is how to choose when stamping precision tensile stretch of oil? The author today to tell you! There are four ways of drawing oil, silicon steel plate is relatively easy to stretch material, in order to workpiece finished product easy to clean, on the premise of prevent scratches can choose stamping oil of low viscosity. Carbon steel plate when choosing stretch oil first, it should be noted that tensile oil viscosity. According to the technological difficulty level and skim conditions to determine the better viscosity. Because and chlorine additive can produce chemical reaction, galvanized steel plate should be paid attention to when choosing stretch oil type chlorine stamping oil white rust problem can occur, so choose to embellish the sulfur type drawing oil can avoid rust problem. Stainless steel is prone to hardening of the material, requires the use of high oil film strength and good sintering resistance tensile oil. Generally choose tensile oil containing sulfur chloride compound additive, in ensuring extreme pressure performance of burr, rupture of problems at the same time avoid artifacts. Stretching processing plants to choose stretching oil usually based on the characteristics of the material of products to choose.
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