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How to sell metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Metal stamping parts are products produced by presses and stamping dies. The materials are carbon steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The stamping parts are widely used, ranging from airplanes, ships, trains, to automobiles, motorcycles, and mechanical equipment. Daily necessities, doors and windows, construction, even clothing and luggage, etc., are inseparable from stamping parts. Because stamping parts are widely used, stamping processing plants are not aimed at producing a product or supporting an industry, and it is relatively difficult to do business. Without independent products, they can only provide matching for the buyer, which also limits the development of stamping parts. With your own products, business is much easier. From 10.15 to 10.19 in 2019, the Guangzhou Canton Fair, for metal stamping parts, there are three exhibition halls A, B, and C. Among them, hall A is mainly for auto parts and mechanical equipment. Relatively speaking, there are fewer stamping parts, and the building of hall B Part of the material area is construction hardware, but most of them are concentrated in the 15.3-16.3-14.4-15.4-16.4 of Hall C. These five exhibition halls are almost all stamping parts, most of which are door and window hardware, locks, and hinges. Several exhibition halls occupy most of the positions. The manufacturers are all in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and there are few in the north. For the lock, most of the accessories above are stamped parts. The lock is a product, and the product is sold for business. It's much easier. Whether the auto parts in the Canton Fair area A, the construction hardware in the B area or the door and window hardware in the C area, these are all products, so it is very important to develop your own products if you want to do a good job in stamping parts. Recommended articles How to communicate with customers for the hardware stamping parts business Previous post: What are the necessary conditions for opening a small metal stamping factory for production and processing?
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