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How to solve the offset of bending stamping parts during bending?


Stamping factories will have various problems when producing stamping parts, resulting in waste of cost, reduction in production efficiency and so on. Therefore, we need to understand the causes of these problems and conduct analysis and verification to avoid problems. This article will introduce the reasons and solutions for the offset of bending stamping parts during the bending process.

1. Reason:

When the blank slides along the surface of the die during the bending process, it will be subject to frictional resistance. If the frictional resistance on both sides of the blank is quite different, the blank will shift to the side with the larger frictional resistance.

2. Solution:

(1) Bending parts with asymmetrical shape shall be formed by symmetrical bending (single-sided bending parts shall be symmetrically bent and then cut in two pieces).

(2) An elastic pressing device is added to the bending die so that the blank can be pressed to prevent movement during bending;

(3) The inner hole and the shape positioning form are used to make the positioning accurate.

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