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How to solve the problem of rust and oxidation of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, hardware products have spread to every household, and the demand for stamping parts in daily life is increasing, and the quality requirements for products are also getting higher and higher, so how to prevent rust and oxidation in the actual application of metal stamping parts And other issues? Most of the metal stamping products will be electroplated, and the treatment methods include galvanizing, copper plating, chromium plating, copper-nickel alloy, etc., when encountering customers with lower product requirements, galvanizing can meet the demand for products, as opposed to As for the surface treatment method of stamping parts, the cost of galvanizing is lower. Its advantages are that it is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust. The disadvantage is that it cannot maintain the smoothness of the product surface for a long time. Especially in a relatively humid or dark environment, such as outdoor rain, or in humid places such as next to water pipes, the galvanized surface of the hardware will become thinner as it is corroded, and the surface will become white and blisters in the early stage. Phenomena such as peeling. Until the galvanized layer is completely corroded, the surface of the hardware is exposed, and the protection of the galvanized layer is lost. After the corrosion resistance is lost, the hardware will rust, and it will become more and more serious over time, thus losing the ability to use it. So how to prevent this loss of galvanization and make the hardware application longer? Our company has summarized two points, 1. Try to avoid being in a dark and humid place. 2. When the hardware is galvanized, the surface of the galvanized layer can be thickened. On the basis of the thickened galvanized layer, spray a layer of transparent paint. After these two points are done, the use of the hardware can be greatly extended. life. Article recommendation Raw material procurement knowledge of metal stamping parts Previous post: Stamping technology and processing characteristics
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