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How to solve the wrinkle problem of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The most common quality problems in the forming process of stamping parts are wrinkling, cracking, springback, etc. How can we prevent the wrinkling of stamping parts? Here we introduce a few points; 1. Reasonably arrange the processing procedures of stamping parts, check the rationality of the blanking surface and the drawing supplementary surface; check the rationality of the drawing blank, the blanking force, and the local material flow; use the internal rib method Reduce wrinkles; increase the pressing force, adjust the drawing bead and stamping direction, increase the forming process, the thickness of the sheet, change the product and process modeling to absorb excess materials, etc.; 2. Check the rationality of the original product model design; avoid the appearance of the product Saddle shape; add suction ribs where the product is easy to wrinkle; 3. Under the condition of meeting the performance of stamping parts, use materials with better formability for some parts that are easy to wrinkle; 4. Ensure that the parts are in place During the stretching process, the mold can hold the material to ensure a reasonable and normal material flow rate. If the material flows too fast during the stretching process, it may cause the parts to wrinkle; Recommended article: What are the processing techniques for automotive stamping parts ? Previous post: What are the requirements for the main view of the stamping die?
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