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How to strictly control the shape and size of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Stamping parts processing plants have very strict requirements on the production quality of stamping parts. We must strictly control the shape and size of stamping parts; 1. Requirements for bent stamping parts 1. The shape of bent stamping parts should be as symmetrical as possible, and the bending radius should not be smaller than the material. The minimum allowable bending radius; 2. When bending punched parts with holes, avoid deformation of the hole; 3. The curved side is too short to be easily formed; therefore, the straight part of the curved side should be made H>2σ. If H is required to be very short, you need to leave an appropriate margin to increase H, and then cut off the added metal after bending; 2. Requirements for drawing parts; 1. Drawing parts should be simple in shape , Symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large, so as to minimize the number of drawing times and easy to form; 2. If the fillet radius of the drawn part does not increase the process procedure, the drawing times and the shaping work will be increased, and the stamping will also be increased. The number of parts molds, and it is also easy to produce waste products and increase production costs; Recommended article: Stamping parts processing technology training programPrevious: Stamping parts processing technology training program
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