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How to test the hardness of stamping mould

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
In order to get high surface hardness and wear resistance, many dongguan metal stamping die and stamping die accessories to surface heat treatment, such as surface nitriding. For such mould people are very concerned about its surface hardness and depth of hardening layer. Stamping material hardness testing, its main purpose is to determine to buy the sheet metal annealing is suitable for stamping parts processing, then are going to do different kinds of stamping parts processing, need different hardness level of plank. For the volume is not too big, mobile convenience of stamping mould, can be directly on the surface rockwell hardness tester to test its HRN surface hardness value. The main material of stamping die is steel ( Including tool steel and high speed steel) It, sometimes use cemented carbide. Stamping die usually require of high hardness and wear resistance, heat treatment is necessary. Die steel using rockwell hardness tester, hardness testing for test HRC hardness value. When the mould is bigger, the inconvenience mobile measuring hardness tester can be used. Carbide hardness test using rockwell hardness of HRA. Large, is not easy to move to adopt cutting sample, after sampling test on surface rockwell hardness tester HRN values. Can also use vickers hardness tester HV values. Another way is to use the same material specimens made of small pieces, heat treatment under the same conditions, and then try to measure hardness value, in order to estimate the hardness of stamping mould. Hardware products factory in an article: the commonly used metal stamping tips
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