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How to use ordinary punches to process precision stamping parts with powerful blank holders?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
Recently, a friend wants to process a batch of precision stamping parts, and this batch of precision stamping parts needs strong edge blanking, but my stamping factory does not have a precision press, so I asked me how to use an ordinary open punch for strong edge blanking Under normal circumstances, we need to use precision presses to process precision stamping parts with strong blank holders. However, if the order quantity is relatively small and unstable, it is also a big expense to buy a precision press . In fact, the following methods are generally used for the precision stamping of the powerful blank holder on the ordinary press: 1. Change the elastic pressing plate of the ordinary stamping die to the pressing plate with gear ring. The ring gear blanking force is provided by a disc spring or polyurethane rubber. The disc springs are assembled on the mold in one group or several groups, and the combination form adopts single-piece in-line stacking or two-piece in-line stacking. Second, it adopts hydraulic precision punching die set. The upper and lower two hydraulic plungers in the mold base provide pressure for the fine-blanking ring gear blank and the top piece. The hydraulic fine blanking die set has the same performance as the special press, so it is superior to the simple fine blanking dies equipped with polyurethane rubber or dish-shaped bullets. Because it is a universal mold base, it can be punched for different fine-blanking parts. Of course, if the order of precision stamping parts is relatively stable, and there is a certain batch, it is still necessary to purchase a precision press. Previous post: What are the types of precision punches? What is the difference between it and ordinary punches?
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