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Impact machine tool imports in the domestic market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Raw materials exports zero tariff hardware companies see ample light recently, vice executive director of the China machine tool industry association, liang kung said that under the financial crisis, the machine tool enterprises are under great pressure. Many foreign enterprise bullish on the Chinese market, are aggressively adventurously live in China, contributed to the industry competition is intense. He analysis pointed out that, in the medium and low-grade nc machine tools and tool products, due to the shrinking market and excess production capacity, combined with South Korea and China Taiwan products low prices, the domestic enterprise competition will further intensified. And a high grade product is faced with the challenge of foreign companies strong. As the financial crisis caused by the international economic downturn, multinational companies have strength to China's large machine tool market, take various means to enter the Chinese market competition. For example, 'the Russian government recently launched a total investment of $500 million of special machine tool, the machine tool enterprises put the hope of recovery in the Chinese market. 'We have learned, in January 2008 to May 2009, our country imports reached 100 metalworking machine tools. $800 million, accounts for about 39% of the domestic market. Metal processing machine tool imports continued high, the domestic machine tool manufacturers create huge market pressure. A: raw materials exports zero tariff hardware companies see infinite light
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