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Improvement measures for the production process of hardware automobile stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Automobile stamping parts manufacturers have certain specifications and standards for each part and each process in the processing of metal stamping parts. Stamping staff need to perform stamping production in accordance with the prescribed work sequence. In order to pursue a more optimized production plan, many automotive stamping parts processing plants have made great improvements to the internal stamping process. The general production sequence of automobile stamping parts includes: stamping-cleaning-welding-degreasing-cleaning-electrophoresis. In order to improve the production process of automotive stamping parts, increase the production efficiency in the stamping process, and optimize the entire production process, the automotive stamping parts factory has formulated a lot of improvement measures, and the precision will be shared with you next. 1. When designing the structure and shape of automobile stamping parts, a simple and reasonable structure should be adopted, and the number of processing surfaces and processing area should be reduced. 2. The stamping materials used for automotive stamping parts must not only meet the technical requirements of product design, but also meet the process requirements of cutting, electroplating, and cleaning after stamping. 3. Choose a reasonable mechanical manufacturing method for blank preparation, which can directly use profiles, casting, forging, stamping and welding. The selection of the blank is related to the specific production technical conditions, and usually depends on the production batch, material characteristics and processing possibilities. 4. Specify the processing cost of parts with appropriate manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness. The processing cost of metal stamping parts will increase with the improvement of accuracy. Therefore, the surface roughness of metal stamping parts should also be formulated according to the actual needs of the matching surface. 5. The stamping oil used in the processing of auto parts should meet the process requirements. The special stamping oil can significantly improve the processing environment and the accuracy of the workpiece. [Related recommendation] Learn more: What are the methods for polishing the surface of stainless steel? Learn more: Manufacturing characteristics of automobile stamping parts molds Learn more: Points to note in the design of continuous stamping dies (2)
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