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In stamping parts processing after cut indentation is what causes?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Because different products stamping processing technical requirements, some of them are not a scratch, oil, oxidation, as some metal shell, precision stamping for everybody below a big probability will be crushed under the analysis the reason and solution. First, stamping process easily bruised appear what are the reasons: 1, the material surface is sundry. Solution: analysis of debris for incoming factors or stamping environment 5 s does not reach the designated position, 2 a foreign body, mold surface. Solution: a unified and standard mould repair department operation process, 3, die band of magnetic material. Solution: replace low magnetic materials, and customer consultation or change the stamping process. 4, stamping oil, does not conform to the requirements. Replace the current stamping processing oil, choose special stamping oil containing sulfide extreme pressure additives. Second, cut the main causes and solutions: 1, the material bad scratches. Raw material adverse has cut should be careful to use, because mass is likely to be poor. 2, staff is expected to put up and down there are wounds. Belong to staff awareness and head of the operation process of training does not reach the designated position 3, mould foreign body scratches. The knife dish brush not too short, should be slightly higher than the knife mould surface. Plate with a hard brush, special molding tool under higher, production, installation way program optimization to reduce workpiece drag on the mold. 4, punching oil extreme pressure low or give oil process problems. Replace or repair oil device have three substandard, stamping processing size and processing method: 1, die die too short. If a lower die too short to heightening, compete mould tool as far as possible away from other mold installation, can't put two lower die high installation together. 2, the mold apart too close with interference. The special forming close apart will have interference, want to consider at first a shape again after another shape and forming a spacing. 3, cutting position and grip too close. Cutting and clamping jaw position to keep a certain distance, grip height should not be too high or too low, to flush with the brush. 4, the process of deformation ( Mesh, special molding) 。 Coining mesh porous knife or change to use ordinary processing, the coining from outer to inner processing, interlaced processing. The two plate cutting processing, processing grip side first, special molding stamping deformation, may be too much pressure, need to change mould in the spring. Four, unclamping occur in stamping process: 1, die mold insufficient lubrication and wear. Mold in stamping often use, there are some scrap iron stick in the mold inside the groove of punch and die. Mold has a sticky produced in the process of stamping die cutting waste discharge, if you have any scrap stuck on a die for stamping, waste occurs between the workpiece and not secession, and feeding rack moving, puller and produce unclamping occurs. 2, the installation of the special-shaped mold is not reasonable. Installed in the mold of the special-shaped mold on far away from common mould reduce production in the process of stamping workpiece collision with special-shaped mold die. At the same time for some unusual special-shaped mold do not install on the machine tool rotary table, to stamping workpiece installation with arrives, this can avoid collision with special-shaped mold in stamping process workpiece and stripping. 3, the stamping process of cutters is not reasonable. Stamping process of cutters is unreasonable and collision, some of the artifacts in processing when there are some special technics, such as blinds, embossing, stretch forming, flanging, and so on. When you meet the stamping workpiece with forming holes in the writing process must put molding process hole last processing of stamping process, thereby reducing the processing molding hole collision with machine tool rotary table. For some of the processing, when pressing the speed of the machine tool should relatively slowly, this is good for molding and reduce collision. These are all common stamping parts stamping processing industry inside of a treatment method, the difference is that there are many small factories for convenience. Not according to the process to do it. So solve the crushed after stamping processing, oil, scratches the types of the common problems and mainly train their consciousness of employees.
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