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In the metal stamping die, the drawing die is the more difficult die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
There are many types of metal stamping die products. If you have more technical content, I think it is still a drawing die; why is it difficult to draw a die? Because the design calculation is a difficult point, after the mold design is completed, the trial mold is another difficult point; for the metal stamping mold designer, a wealth of design experience is required to design a relatively reasonable mold structure; determine whether the stretched product is qualified There are many factors. In addition to design and fitter, there are also drawing materials, press selection, lubricant selection, etc.; the selection of metal drawing stamping parts; often the problem of metal drawing stamping parts lies in the material, which is reasonable The selection of materials has made the mold half successful. Usually, the cold plate series suitable for stretching include 08Al, 08, 08F, 10, 15, 20 steel, etc., with 08 steel as the main representative; recommended article: bending stamping parts processing Previous post: In the process of processing stamping parts, what should be paid attention to when feeding?
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