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In the process of porous punching why puller phenomenon

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Mesh, pores, pores, puller phenomenon occurring in a micro hole punching, pull material phenomena will lead to bad appearance, microporous serious words will lead to product scrap, also can cause damage to the microporous stamping die. What is the cause of puller phenomenon? Stamping factory tell you! Microporous pressing and appeared to pull material on the reasons of die failure from sheet metal, causing pick-up, can increase the power of the return spring material of upper die, replace if necessary. Punch bring up stainless steel microporous network can't from stainless steel microporous drew in the net, pick-up because discharge, caused by insufficient on the punch line, sheet metal is not out of blunt needle upward movement together with sheet metal. Waste, rebound, stuck raw materials, flat stainless steel materials, avoid collision. Clamp plate lower teeth appear problem, grinding upper and lower die, die sharp. Die or die die on the dull, in the upper die and a polyurethane material such as spring bounces method to reduce waste. Hole punching why pull and pull material corresponding solutions, stamping manufacturers have already told you, I hope will be helpful to you!
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