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In the process of stamping die design, the use of security considerations

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Practice has proved that is closely related to the precision and quality of precision stamping is precision stamping moulds, so users tend to strengthen the quality of attention. In the real use of this kind of mold, tend to ignore its security, this area is also key in stamping die design. In order to ensure the stamping mould of safety in use, in the design of its structure, should keep feeding, materials, parts, clean up the waste of convenience, it also can reduce the possibility of stamping mold problems in use. When facing large precise stamping parts processing, if the operator must be hand deep stamping mould, as far as possible reduce the range into the mold, and shorten a portion of the form as much as possible in the time duration of the mould, and shall specify the mould of danger area, equipped with the necessary protective measures and devices. For small precision stamping parts processing, the operator is prohibited fingers, wrist, or other parts of the body into the stamping mold working within the area, in order to avoid an accident. In either type of stamping mould, design should be in the mould weight shown on the general layout, ease of installation, ensure safety. When stamping mould parts in the process of dismantling, should pay attention to safety, to avoid a possible clip, cut hand; At the same time mold storage to facilitate disassembly. Not to be allowed to happen in the process of machining precision stamping waste or workpiece missile phenomenon, affect the operator's attention, even by the operator. To ensure that the various parts of stamping mould has enough strength and stiffness, prevent damage and deformation in use process; With related fastening parts must have the loose prevention measures, avoid accident harm to the operator. In short, even a slight problem of stamping mould will affect the safety, must be careful.
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