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In the processing of stamping parts, what state should the press be ensured?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In the processing of stamping parts, stamping parts processing plants must ensure that the press is always in a relatively stable state for safe production. Then, what kind of requirements does the state of the press meet to be qualified? Let’s take a look below; 1. The brake, clutch and operating mechanism of the press work normally during stamping processing; 2. The punching screw on the press should be adjusted to the appropriate position; 3. During stamping processing, the pressure on the press The compressed air cushion operation should also be flexible and reliable; 4. The working form of the press should be consistent with the structure of the die. For example, the open punch (press) is suitable for the punching operation of feeding and discharging materials in the left and right directions; automatic punching machine High productivity can be ensured; 5. The stroke size of the press slider should meet the punching requirements of the die, that is, the stroke of the press should meet the height dimension requirements of the product, and ensure that the product can be smoothly taken out of the die after stamping, and the number of strokes Should meet the requirements of productivity and material deformation speed; 6. The motor power of the press should be greater than the power value calculated during punching; 7. The press should be able to ensure the convenience and safety of use in the processing of stamping parts; recommended article: large What are the deep drawing characteristics of curved surface drawing parts? Previous post: What are the general treatments on the surface of metal stamping parts?
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