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In what ways to control the quality of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
There are many types of automotive stamping parts, shape also is very complex, in our daily stamping process, many reasons can lead to bad product produce stamping parts. We can as dongguan dongguan city hardware co. , LTD. The first professional production of stamping parts, with development and design precision molds, continuous die, drawing die and all kinds of inspection jig ability, open mold, stamping, sheet metal manufacturing, electrostatic spraying and other business, has a professional test equipment and strong product development capability. At the same time we for the CIS company, philips, hydro, Taiwan, chi, high green science and technology, rieter textile companies to provide long-term equipment supporting services. The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification system, has its own import and export rights. Our rich experience in the stamping production, below we simply tell you something about in the process of automotive stamping parts production, how do we control the quality? In the automotive cockpit panel bracket assembly manufacturing process, a lot of things will find middle bracket will be torn about surface protection or askew phenomenon, often pass end these bad points are mainly distributed in space, on the one hand, waste materials, will accelerate the aging of the mold, shorten the service life of mould. What reasons can lead to more NG produce, normally we will control the stress from forming. There is mold in the process of running after long-term wear cannot adjust, caused by improper and mould structure design. So we are in the process of production of automobile instrument stents must strictly control from the aspects of technology and management.
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