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Influencing factors of galvanizing of precision stamping parts.


Stamping parts processing manufacturers usually use galvanizing, nickel plating and other methods to carry out surface treatment of stamping parts, so that the product quality can be better guaranteed. Electrogalvanizing is widely used. This article will introduce to you the factors that affect galvanizing during processing, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by poor surface treatment caused by these factors.

1. The surface treatment of metal stamping parts is not complete, and there is an oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, which affects the normal deposition of zinc;

2. The workpiece is bound too densely, and the galvanized part of the workpiece is not in place during galvanizing

3. Stamping parts have high carbon content, high carbon steel, cast iron, etc. will reduce the hydrogen precipitation potential, accelerate the hydrogen evolution on the surface of the workpiece, and reduce the current efficiency;

4. The content of additives in the galvanizing bath is too low, if the content of additives is too low, it will affect the dispersing ability, and the coating will appear too thin locally;

5. The temperature of the galvanizing bath is low;

6. Corrosion of metal stamping parts will reduce the hydrogen evolution potential, reduce the hydrogen evolution acceleration current efficiency on the surface of the workpiece, and affect the deposition rate of zinc;

7. The sodium hydroxide content is low, the current density decreases, and the anode passivation occurs;

8. Anode passivation reduces the effective area and affects the normal distribution of current.

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