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Influencing factors of stamping accuracy.


Stamping parts, like many metal processing products, have their own precision ranges. There are many factors that affect the machining accuracy of stamping parts, so reasonable requirements for the accuracy of stamping parts are required, otherwise it will bring a great burden to the stamping equipment and molds. Today, the editor of Dongguan Fortuna will sort out the various factors that affect the precision of stamping processing.

The precision of stamping parts can usually be divided into two categories: precision shape and economy.

Accuracy refers to the upper limit accuracy allowed in the stamping process, and economy refers to the technically and economically reasonable accuracy when the die reaches the limit allowable wear.

In order to reduce the cost of stamping parts and obtain better technical and economic effects, economic precision should be adopted as much as possible without affecting the use requirements of stamping parts.

What factors affect the accuracy of stamping parts?

1. The manufacturing accuracy of the mold;

2. The gap between the molds;

3. Performance recovery of the material after stamping, including elastic properties, etc.;

4. Other factors in the production process, such as incorrect positioning, unstable material properties, etc.

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